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Akamas Jeep Safari

Spend the day in Akamas Peninsula one of the island’s last remaining wildernesses. Akamas is the last largely unspoiled coastal area remaining in Cyprus and one of the very few significant sea turtle nesting areas in the Mediterranean. 

  • Enjoy this bumpy adventure along Akamas coast as you go off road down dirt tracks and across rough terrain and very steep hills.

  • Explore the flora and fauna of the Avakas gorge, the route through the gorge is characterised by thick vegetation and a particularly attractive, shady and moist environment.

  • Walk on the golden sand of Lara Bay where  the loggerhead turtle (caretta caretta) nests.

  • Visit the mythical Baths of Aphrodite where , according to Greek mythology, Aphrodite met her lover Adonis at this beautiful spot when he stopped for a drink whilst hunting, and fell in love with her the moment when he drank the water.

  • Swim in the warm and crystal water of Akamas Peninsula. The  cleanliness and the deep blue colour of the water will make you love it and dive into it.

Great experience not to be missed!

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