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Terms of use

Welcome to Paphos day trips!
These Terms of Use apply to any use of Paphos day trips services. Please read these Terms of Use carefully, as they
contain important information concerning your legal rights and limitations on these rights. By accessing or using Paphos day trips services, you are indicating that you
have read these Terms of Use and agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree with all of these Terms of Use, you
are not permitted to access or use the services.
• Paphos day trips (or the company operating Paphos day trips) makes available to both Agents and
Travelers excursions and related supportive services to these excursions (e.g. transfers).
• Our systems (website, app, B2B area, search engine, booking path, etc) are used only to quote, book and
confirm a service.
• All pictures, texts and information are under the strict rights of Paphos day trips, and there is no license for
third party use, unless given in writing .
• Agents are using the system on strict terms as set by Paphos day trips, and if any are in doubt of these
handling and operational terms, the Agent will not be able to use it and should refrain from use immediately.
• Any misuse of the system, which results in financial loss, e.g. excessive bookings, false use, incorrect input
etc, Paphos day trips reserves the right to claim compensation and deny access into the system.
All rights, trademarks, text, graphics, pictures etc remain the property, and owned and operated by Paphos
day trips.
Our company cooperates  with  excursion organisers and acts as an intermediary between the
agent (and its client) and the excursion/day trip organiser, thus all insurance coverage lies with the local
company that supplies the excursion/day trip purchased. Please feel free to request further information
regarding insurance coverage, rights and obligations from the local day trip company who have provided the
excursion/day trip.
Booking process
Upon completion of the booking, you will receive a confirmation email. It is the responsibility of the Agent or
the client, to notify us in the event that the booking confirmation email has not been received, or if it has
been received, any inaccuracies entered. All details completed in the booking process will be displayed on
the confirmation email. For all excursions/day trips there are certain restrictions, age, health, weight and/or
height. Please ensure you check the day trip descriptions and if you are in any doubt please contact the
local day trip organiser (all details for the local organiser are confirmed with your booking), failing to do so
may result in delays, cancellations or even compensation claims by the local companies and Paphos day
Paphos day trips or any local organiser, will not be responsible for any personal possessions or losses.
Any possessions unattended or forgotten in vehicles, or in any areas visited, such as clothes, bags, money,
are the full responsibility of the guest/traveller.
Please ensure you have ID or Passport (if applicable) on you at all times, as this kind of documents may be
required when travelling from one place to another, e.g. travelling from Greek island to Turkish coast, ID is
Limitation of liability
Paphos day trips cannot be held responsible for any claim/cost exceeding the day trip purchased. It is
accepted and agreed that there cannot be any responsibility for, nor guarantees and no liability for any
damage, loss, injury or even death in relation to the excursions or transportation or activity of any kind
booked.cannot be held responsible for any claim/cost exceeding the day trip purchased. It is accepted and
agreed that there cannot be any responsibility for, nor guarantees and no liability for any damage, loss,
injury or even death in relation to the excursions or transportation or activity of any kind booked.

Additional points
It is the Agents or traveller’s responsibility, at the time of booking, to provide a valid mobile or landline
number (incl. International code) and email address. Failure to do so means that should there be any
delays, amendments or problems in relation to the service purchased, e.g. locating the driver or the pick up
point, Paphos day trips will not be able to notify the Agent or traveller, and so Paphos day trips cannot
assume responsibility. If the agent/traveller does not supply a valid telephone number and fails to contact
Paphos day trips (contact details are on the voucher), which results in a missed pick up, there will be no
If there are any unusual requests, not included in the booking path, the team always welcome feedback
and will endeavour to meet the requests, however there cannot be any guarantee that these requests can
be met.
Cancellation and Amendment Policy
Paphos day trips reserves the right to cancel the services booked for exceptional circumstances which may
occur. In these cases, a full refund will be given, or a new booking excursion/day trip offered with new
date/time. Each excursion/day trip will have different cancellation policies depending on the various
charges (entrance fees etc) with differing requirements and conditions, please ensure you check at the
time of booking for the conditions that apply.
There will be differing amendment charges for each excursion/day trip, so please ensure you check these
at time of booking as different conditions will apply.
General rules that apply to every booking
• We have a no refund policy for ‘No Shows’
• We cannot guarantee last minute amendments/cancellations (48hrs prior to the day trip) will be
• Prices quoted are ordinarily per person, however in many cases there are extras to be paid locally in
person (e.g. local entrances etc), please check the activity information in detail, this will be noted in the
excursion under “what’s excluded”, you will also find details on your ticket “on the spot” requirements
• Bookings are for the person/group booked. The booking cannot be allocated to different names/groups
without amending the booking prior to the activity
• Any trip refund claims must be put in writing, via email, with all the detail of
the booking
Applicable law and jurisdiction
Paphos day trips's Terms and Conditions are governed by Cypriot Law.
In case of dispute, this should be referred to Court of Cyprus.

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved

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